April 14, 2013

The concert and other stuff...

When I tuned off last Monday for a unmeasurable time of silence on the blogosphere, I had no idea what's ahead of me. Yet another week came and went .
The kind that you don't ever want to think about it, and glad to be over, yet your daughter had violin concert and it was fun and you have to go back there anyway!

It was a week of renovations, which did not stressed me out. I had things planned and was happy about the whole process. Kiki had three Seussical rehearsals, three violin rehearsals and one violin concert. I knew it would be tense, but for her. I just wanted be there to help her and encourage. It turned out that I was the one who really needed help. The palpitations/panic attack/ vasovagal syncope/dizziness struck again. The terror sent me to emergency room and Andrzej had to be strong for everybody. Mostly me.

Today on Sunday I am better. The first day of not overwhelming dizziness.

I have planned that post quite differently. I wanted to focus on my violin player and her performance at the concert. So I will try to do it now. In the pictures.

For you Kiki, I want you to remember the fun that you had and the lessons that you learn. Enjoy!!!

It was a Rock and Roll theme concert. I and Zuzia enjoyed it greatly along with a very good friend of mine. Maybe it wasn't perfect as it seemed to me, but as a parent I am always going to look through the pink glasses:)

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