April 7, 2013


I have a little time left to make this post happen. The linking, to Like Mother Like Daughter, is about to be closed and I want to do it, before I close up for about a week. I think. Major renovation is going to take place. OK maybe not this major, but involves shutting off the Internet for a little while.

I am drawn to flowers. It must be the anticipation of spring. The orchid still mesmerizes me with its vibrant color. And the daffodil, I am waiting. Second prediction did not come true either. Not much longer though...
Kiki. She made it to the Pegasus program for gifted children. Even though I do not think that she is THAT gifted, the learning comes very easily to her, and she made through the qualifying exams with flying colors. She repeats every day that she is so happy to be accepted. Now I can blackmail her:)
{funny} and {real}
 Zuzia. She got sick today, but I guess not bad enough to tease me when I tried to take a picture of her.
Kubus playing with the boxes containing the future floor. Poor champ has no idea what is going to happen to his daily routine. On the other hand he might be very interested in the work that will start taking place tomorrow. It is going to be busy, messy week!

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