January 29, 2014

Yarn along and crazy hair day:)

Zuzanna had a crazy hair day in the school today.
I think I get the most boring ideas for this kind of hairdo, but my child doesn't mind, and thinks that it is hilarious. So I took a picture, or few. Coincidentally she was wearing a tunic that I knitted. I am breaking the rules at this point, because I knitted it a year ago, but I am really fond of that dress, and since I never shared that work before, I am going to do it now in Yarn Along. And maybe by next week my orange vest will be finally ready to show it off!

The pattern for the tunic I got from the raverly, which I use very often, but I don't keep my notes. I know I should, and one day I will work on it diligently. I do like knitting and crocheting ( at least that is what I am telling myself ).

As for reading, this time I got into more ambitious literature. Something for the body and for the soul:)


The "Grain Brain", by David Perlmutter, has convinced me even more to stick to the gluten-free/paleo diet. 
About two years ago I have found out that I have gluten allergy, not just intolerance. I had stuck to paleo diet for few months. But then for different occasion and trips, I did not want to make a fuss about myself and I indulged in gluten products again.
I am firm believer though, that the gluten and is like a poison not good for the body, even for those without gluten issues.

Another problem that the author addresses is the sugar itself. It is the greatest addictive substance.
He also makes a good point that fat is good for us ( the good fat ), and especially for our brain. The carbs are, de facto, making us fat.

As for Dr. Scott Hahn, I can read anything by him, and get the spiritual uplifting. In the case of this book , " Signs of Life, 40 catholic customs and their biblical roots",  even though I have grown up in Catholic faith, I still find so many things I did not know. It will definitely change the way I look at different customs of Catholic church.

I promise, that by next week I will have my vest ready, ( unless it won't for different reasons )!



  1. That dress is wonderful!!! Your daughter looks adorable with her crazy hair do.

  2. Kinga... thank you for sharing the link. My she's growing up so fast it seems. Lovely blog.

  3. Love the hairdo and the beautiful tunic! Zuzia looks very proud of both :o)