January 25, 2014

7 quick takes on Saturday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes: Feverish rambling edition
I am late with my takes, but better late than never. I could have pass, but there was one special celebration that requires mentioning:)
Andrzej's birthday. He is now well into his forties, and it is hard to believe but I have loved him since his  second decade and now into the fifth one! Strange thing, the passing time...

I messed up last week. It was a year since I started this public diary of mine, and I have not mentioned it on January 18... I am doing it now...
What  I have learnt from this year, ( apart from mentioning that it was my worst year ever, ) that the blogging part is fun. I am glad I am doing it, even though it takes time, and words to put in. And I am not good with any of those things.
 I especially enjoy taking pictures, but still I have a lot to learn. The sharpness is not the best when it comes to the slow speed. Maybe I just need a better camera?
The weather this week; cold and a little bit of snowy. Enough for the kids to have snow day, and for Andrzej to work from home. Too bad I suffered migraine that day. Unfortunately there is not enough snow to dust off my skis; and I was hoping for tomorrow...

And lastly, the sniffles and coughs are not leaving this house for now. Kubus is taking antibiotic for his bronchitis. I hope the rest of us will get better without the visits to the doctor office.
Here they are, my very random takes, like my life sometimes:)

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