January 31, 2014

7 quick takes on Friday

So I woke up with the headache today. On top of my discomfort due to the severe anxiety issues, a headache.  Instead of going to Zumba class I curled up on sofa and rested. It did not put me in the good mood.
I don't know about others, but feeling sick gets me into making poor choices. One of the was eating a bag of potato chips. And it wasn't a small one. I can say that I shared it with Kubus, but that would be a lie. He had a small portion of it. I can blame it on not feeling well or on Andrzej. He keeps buying them... ( I think he had a Superbowl in mind ). I regret my choice. I am having peppermint tea right now...

Speaking of temptations...I am trying to eat right ( disregard the # 2  please); but the only thing I can not resist, is chocolate. Especially the one from Trader Joe's. Good thing that Lent is coming. It is going to be a good sacrifice and a lot of temptation!

I had not a pleasant conversation with a billing department from Kubus otolaryngologist office. Honestly some doctors are as dishonest as lawyers and unions! Last December during the regular visit doctor pulled something out of Kubus' nose. It was small and the event lasted 2 seconds. Then came the billing...on top of regular payment for a 10 minute visit and my copayment, the doctor charged (  I do not know how much ) for a "surgical procedure "! Enough for us to be responsible for deductible. Over $250 for two second removal of dried bug... ( I skipped the full description ). If anybody is interested in the name of that dishonest doctor, let me know. I know I am not going to visit him anymore...
On Kubus subject. He is such a joy! I could not help sharing a picture of him playing with lego "firetruck" which his good sister Zuzia build for him. Gimli worked as a firefighter:)

Speaking of my children. Kateri is very busy those two weeks ( we are in the middle of them ). I rarely see her anymore. I have to arrange for some mother/daughter date in a near future, and start planning her birthday party. Coming very soon!
Last but not least, Zuzia is enjoying time with dad. She has skipped last few hours of school today to go skiing with Andrzej. They will come back late and I will miss having them away on Friday evening, but I 'll bet they are going to have a wonderful time!
Sometimes I feel like that there should be at least 20 quick takes, but then who would read them all!

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