February 3, 2014



Last year I bought a real bee wax and melted it into a real, wonderfully smelling candles. There was problem though...I recycled jars and pour the wax in. I must say that it did not look pretty.
This year I have reused the bee wax and opted for much smaller, one dollar store, glass containers. The candles look much cuter and they were much faster to make.
As for cupcakes, Kubus was sure that it was somebody birthday, he just could not guess whose! It were the candles that have mistaken him. Regardless of that, he enjoyed the cupcakes very much, like everybody else. Zuzanna was my big helper. As she explained , influenced by the "Cupcake Wars", the base was chocolate paleo batter, and the frosting was vanilla flavored whipped cream with mascarpone cheese. You can imagine how delicious they were!!!
The February 2nd, will always mark the end of Christmas season for me. I am afraid I fell into the American "tradition" trap of keeping the tree until the Epiphany; but after reading my friends posts and blogs, I think next year I will stick to the old tradition. It will also be awesome to sing carols until February. I love them so !
Since today is a day after the Candlemas, and St. Blaise feast, I wish everybody healthy winter season and no sore throats!

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