February 28, 2014

Becoming a teenager

Thirteen years ago she was already here. Actually she was alive  nine months before that, but I could finally see her, hear her and smell the baby smell. She was 19 inches long and weight 8 pounds even. She came out quietly and she was absolutely gorgeous!

I remember trying to imagine her before she was born and yet I could not. But after she was born I felt like I always knew that face. It was so precious to me.

At nine months, as cute as a button!
Being three and a half in Disneyland with Pooh.
Pumpkin picking.
First day of school.

With one year old Zuzia.

Six year old, taking a break from a skiing lesson.
Jumping into double digits; eleven years old, at the beach.
 Twelve year old. Much better skier than six year old:)
At the meet in NY, last summer.
 After hiking Mt. Major, last Fall.
 Sleepy, while eating breakfast on her thirteen birthday!

And for the past thirteen years she is a part of our family. She has grown, started school, became sister, competed in swimming, running. She plays violin, enjoys reading and writing, and programming in "Scratch".

She enjoys learning, and the ambitious program "Pegasus" for middle schoolers.
The worst part for her, is getting up in the morning:)

She could not wait to turn thirteen; she calmed down a little after I told her that turning thirteen means more chores at home!

She has yet to learn a lot, she has yet to mature more and she has yet to become more responsible.
I hope that it will become such person sooner, or later:)

But mostly I hope that she grows stronger in faith and love for God, Church and others.

If she treats herself and others with respect and dignity, and keeps her eyes on Heaven, she will turn all right by me!

Happy Birthday Kiki, enjoy your teenage years!


 P.S. Apologies for the bad quality of the scanned pictures. I had no control over them:(

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