February 23, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} on Sunday

The last day of Winter vacation, officially; and yes it is Sunday.

I can't say that it was memorable one, since Zuzia and Kubus got sick. I have finally taken them to see a doctor, on Sunday. I could not listen to their cough anymore...

Zuzia has a viral infection, but Kubus  has pneumonia!

I feel guilty about yesterday. Instead of taking him to the doctor, I decided to enjoy XC skiing in Pulaski park again. If he had seen the doctor yesterday , Kubus would be in better shape today...

But Andrzej and Kiki enjoyed themselves in NH skiing. They should have nice memories...

Not the whole vacation seemed to be lost however. Since we had a lot of chance to be home, we watched the Winter Olympics coverage.

On Friday we have  decided to have few competitions of  our own.

The homemade Olympics are the subject of my {phfr} edition, hosted by Like Mother, Like Daughter.

{ pretty, happy, funny }

The first discipline was luge down the stairs in the playroom.

The second one: cross country skiing around the house.
  ( I have just realized that this movie repeats itself, sorry )*
The third: figure skating in the living room. The choice of music was their own:)
Zuzia insisted on more disciplines, and I was planning to do ski jump today. Unfortunately we had to make another jump; to the doctor office:
My sweet, sad boy today. I pray he gets better really soon. No energy in this little body of his:(

* Edited

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