January 30, 2014

Theme Thursday: Barns


I went for a walk today, to join Cari for a theme Thursday edition.
Luckily for me I live within half a mile from this barn; even though I live in the city!
 On that, thirty degree, day I put Kubus in the jogger, took the camera in my hand, and told him that mommy has to take a picture of a barn to put it in her blog post today. He agreed to go. We just had to crossed a busy street and avoid curious looks from the drivers. But the outcome, I think, is good.

The barn belongs to the historical homestead build in 1767. It is very well taken care of.
I do not know who the owners are, but I know that I pass it sometimes a couple times a day.
I let myself take pictures also of the actual house and the "carriage garage".
If somebody can correct me and enlighten me with new vocabulary word that names this kind of a building, I will be very thankful!



  1. What a wonderful thing to have to pass throughout the week! Great photos, too.

  2. That is gorgeous! Just stunning!