January 11, 2014

The after days...

 The nativity scene at the beginning of the season :)

Enjoying the Christmas lights!

A perfect present for a little trucker:)

During construction times. The after pictures, another time...

Kubus' favorite game of the season.

I took some time off from blogging. Except from the anniversary post:)
And I meant to return earlier, but the blogger did not want to load my pictures! What is a blog without pictures? Since I am not a writer, it is not worth much; and my family in Poland is waiting for the pictures:)

Those days before Christmas were full of preparations, then came celebrating, caroling, good food, anniversary and a little bit of construction. As for anniversary, somebody has suggested to celebrate it throughout the whole year, and we are planning to do just that!!!

But as for now girls went back to school and Andrzej back to work.
No, I was not looking forward to that. I always dread those days. It takes me time to go back to the routine. The weather makes it worse. Particularly the cold! Brrrr!

But the life goes on, and there are homeworks to be attendant to, school lunches to be made, pickups after the school activities, expected and all the organization tasks that are left for the new year to be taken care of.

I also have few resolutions, as almost everybody else. And as I am tempted to write , twenty pounds to lose ( however it may be the truth ), it is not my main purpose of this year.

I promise myself to once and for ever to get rid of anxiety issues, be more joyful, find the Image of God in every person that I meet this year, be better wife, be better mother, and just Be.
 Be present in my life and in my family's life. I will try my best to pay attention to how I respond to people, instead to how they affect me.

I will teach my children speak and understand Polish. Unfortunately they don't use their parents native language.

And those twenty pounds? I am working on them :)

The resolution list is long, but the year had just started. If I accomplish half of my plans I will consider it a good year:)


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