December 30, 2013

Twenty years !

Our twentieth wedding anniversary was on the second day of Christmas in Polish calendar and on January December 26th for the rest. The days last week were full of preparation to Christmas then full of celebration and finally full of work; putting my Christmas and anniversary gift together:)
I also did not want to write a post on our special day. I preferred to spend it with Andrzej rather than in front of the computer; except for announcing it on fb page and changing the picture into the vintage one:)

We had spent our day just relaxing, remembering the events from 20 years ago, going through the pictures, treating each other with a rare dinner date, just the two of us, and dancing to our song "Listen to your heart" by Roxette...

Twenty years, almost quarter of a century. I started to believe those more experience by life, folks, long time ago. They said that time speeds up with age . I could say that the slowest were the first five years of our marriage. The fastest, the five last ones! And maybe that's good. They were the most challenging ones.

It is hard to summarize those twenty years. So much happened.

The first five years...
We had graduated from college in 1995 and then moved to another country, another language and different culture, different weather climate. Being away from family and friends was the hardest part to bear!
We were so young, so full of plans! We got to learn, and know each other. And there were just two of us...

The next five years were filled with heart breaking sadness, graduation, joy of welcoming Kiki into the world, then difficult depression, changing jobs, moving to another state and buying our first house. So much has happened, it was not always easy. We had disagreements, different opinions, quiet days, but learn to compromise.

The next five years we spent on settling down with job, at our new house, and then welcoming Zuzia into our family. The task of caring for a colicky child made difficult to care for our own marriage. We did have time for each other, but our minds were preoccupied with being parents.

The last five years I have to say were hardest on us. We went through some pretty serious problems, and we made it through! We had our joy of welcoming our boy into our family. I think the best thing that happened in those years. This past year was extra challenging, due to my severe anxiety and depression. But Andrzej took care me, and tried to be as much help and support as he could.

We laughed together, we cried together, we traveled together, with fought together and we stuck together.

When I look back at our wedding pictures I see young, almost kids like, couple getting ready to the adventure called marriage. It is a bumpy but good one!

As I look into the future I know that we will be with each other no matter what. We took our vows seriously when we said for good and for bad in richness and in poor in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live... Those are not empty words, our life together is the fulfillment of those vows and commitment that we made to each other with God and family and friends as our witnesses.


...twenty years later!

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