December 13, 2013

Saint Lucia Day

Our yearly tradition of serving St. Lucia breakfast in the dawn hours of December thirteen, almost did not happened.
I made the sweet, filled with ricotta cheese, bread for this occasion yesterday, but when the morning came, I had no energy to get up earlier than usual, awake sleepy kids and even sleepier husband.
I can blame it on the fact that we are not early risers, and adding the school commute for Kateri in the morning, around 35-40 minutes, makes the mornings even more dreadful.

So I have announced to my waking up slowly family that we will move the breakfast to Saturday.
Minutes later I heard bare footsteps on the stairs. Zuzia came running into the kitchen asking when do we start the breakfast. When I told her about the change of plans, this poor little girl almost drown herself with tears and went upstairs to cry on her daddy's shoulder. The latter one being fully awake at that point asked if we could go with it, so we did.

So here is my sleepy, but happy "St. Lucia " this morning:

And here are the kids trying to stay awake and eat the early feast:) The darkness of this pictures is the proof of early hours of that event.
By the way, they requested St. Lucia breakfast tomorrow too! But I think we can handle it, it is Saturday after all:)

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