December 19, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

As the Advent draws to the end, and Christmas is approaching, I look back and see so many things that I have failed to do... Why is it always that we concentrate on the things that are undone, and forget the things that are accomplished?

Yet I will try to be optimistic and happy about this Advent. There is always something that we can look back at and remember that it was memorable after all.
 I will try to look at it through the { pretty, happy, funny, real } edition, as I try to capture the context of contentment in my Advent life, and join Like Mother, Like Daughter this Thursday.

My own Advent readings seem to be skipping a day or two recently, yet, the Advent wreath is present on our family table to remind me, that this is a season of expecting and waiting and coming.
With the Gaudete Sunday the time for decorating the house came. Unfortunately the outside looks plain, no lights at night, no ornaments hanging from the branches. Just a wreath on the door... On the other hand the tree got decorated, and few other Christmas toys were pulled out of the storage and are being discovered by the youngest member of our family:) 

While I have not succeeded yet with cleaning my house, or baking cookies, the pantry and fridge is stocked with food, St. Nicholas is making arrangements concerning the Christmas lists, the Christmas cards are sent, and the teachers and classmates are taken care of.
The kids don't complain. They keep themselves entertained:)
Our Jesse tree is short on ornaments as of today. Somehow I can't find time very night for our daily Bible reading, ornament hanging and and Christmas themed book being read.
But the good news is that only two are missing so far, the girls enjoy every book that I read to them as they gather around me, and when I can't read to them is because I go to choir rehearsal to practice carols. I do enjoy it tremendously.

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