December 5, 2013

Theme Thursday: Lights

I am linking today to Cari, for the "Lights" theme.

I know it is December and it should be the Christmas lights. But I do not have the decorations on yet ( my earlier post, the Gaudete Sunday ). I could have taken a walk around the neighborhood, but I lacked the time.
My first idea was to take some pictures from the deck. The weather was foggy and misty, and the far away lights gave the dimmed light and nostalgic feeling. It looked good in the theory, but not in the camera.
So I improvised.
I had set the lantern on the table, put the candle in ( made in Poland, bought in Christmas Tree Store !), and took some pictures.
I needed that for a change:) I am quite pleased with my five minute unedited "art":)



  1. Very pretty! I love it when a simple idea comes out so well. :-)

  2. Oh I love the top angle one! Very cool.