January 18, 2013

The beginnings are hard

My sweet boy is 2 years and 3 months today. He is enjoying the Super Y show now, and really, really tries to come up with a right letter. No, he is not talking yet, just repeating here and there. Yesterday I taught him to say I love you! The cutest thing!

So Zuzia went to school.. in her green frog pj. It is pajama day in school and she chose the handmade, capris, but not quite, 3/4 sleeve, but not quite, pajamas. The blue, with a cute poodle picture, Gymbore brand stayed home. She is making a statement and I hope nobody is going to make fun of her.
It makes her mama proud...


On the almost daily agenda, there is library with Kubus, a little bit of shopping, not my favorite, Kiki`s violin lesson and birthday party in the evening to attend. There is artisan bread to be baked and dinner to be cooked and maybe some knitting. I have to finish yet another hat for my birthday man, yet another hat ready to be lost...

So I am starting something today. The idea was growing like a seed inside my head for a couple of months already. It has sprouted with a New Year and not as a New Year resolution. I do not know if there will be a lot of crafting, cooking, afterschooling, parenting, inspiration, traveling, pictures, books to review etc. You get the picture. But I know I will try to record mine, and my family daily life, my daily bread:). I want to be able to look back and see the small joys and pains and accomplishments in our lives. And even if I won`t get the attention of the www, my dear husband promised to read it and the girls got super excited about the idea of starting a blog. If I am not mistaken it has something to do with getting famous. LOL!!! And pardon me for the grammar mistakes, after all, English is my second language and naturally I am not a writer. It is not my gift and I am OK with that now...


P.S.I skipped the library, nobody made fun of Zuzia`s pj`s, the violin class was almost a succes, the party is still going on and the bread as always came out great...half of it is already eaten:)



  1. That bread looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing your blog, Kinga. Even if it doesn't attract the masses, it will inspire some and serve as a priceless record for your family in the years to come.


    1. Thanks Heidi! That`s exactly the purpose of my blog. I hope my enthusiasm won`t diminish any time soon:)

  2. Nice job Kinga! I have thought of blogging for the same reason. I find myself looking back already and thinking "How old WAS he when he did that -insert cute thing-" or "Which one of the kids did such and such?" Life goes on and some memories get lost along the way. My best effort is to take videos of everyday happenings like the kids reading to each other or explaining a school project. I hope this will comfort my failing mind when I'm old! Ha ha!

    1. Yes Amy, but in our family somehow nobody is interested in watching the videos...The interest in my blog is still high ( amongst my kids ):). But definitly we`ll keep the vidoes. One day when children are not around me, the home movies will be my comfort too!