January 20, 2013


The forecast did not come true. I was awaken by Kubus at 6:39am . Really, I checked the clock and went to his bed to snuggle. Kubus settled back to sleep I didn`t...

The morning was busy with getting ready to church, baking and another birthday party, at noon! Yes , the third one in ten days. I hope Zuzia won`t bring any new invitations in near future, after all there are not as many children in her class.

Funny, first I feel sorry that she is not invited the parties, now there are too many at once! But she loved it, and that what counts:)

 Zuzia getting ready to jump

When the two of us were gone, Kiki took care of Kubus...She gave him a manicure.
Poor champ has blue fingernails!!! Let`s hope they wash off quickly.

                                                              The blue fingernails!!!

Andrzej had a friend over to watch football game. I think they have other things more in common than football. There was a lot of tennis, and skiing conversations going on...

For dinner there was paella, cesear salad and very manly sounding  whiskey, chocolate  cake for dessert. It was as good as it sounds. I forgot about eating paleo for a moment...but don`t feel sorry about it.


P.S. The game is still on, and I am sorry my New England friends, but I do not cheer for Patriots.  I enjoy football, but this time I will settle for Downton Abbey, with a cup of tea, decaf please:)


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