January 27, 2013


I have mentioned already, that shopping is not my thing. Shopping for clothes is especially dreadful.
I am lacking a female companion. I have tried it with my girls but they seem to share" the doubtful love of shopping" with me.

But it is different with Ikea. There is something about this store that is special. I do not know if it`s the price, or uniqueness or the simple forms, or the colors or maybe the European feeling and $1 ice cream afterwards:) I do like shopping there...today after a long absence in that particular store, I have begged my husband to go there.

So after mass in two different churches, Kiki`s chorus and CCD classes , and baking my daily bread ( literally )...

...we got on the road to Massachusetts. Yep, we had to leave our "lovely" state of RI. It was 50 minutes drive there with a very private concert of Taylor Swift, both ways:) We have three big fans of this talented singer, including Kubus:)

My main excuse reason for shopping in Ikea store was furniture.We really have to update our living room. However to the uniqueness of our living room and size of the new TV, I was welcomed there with a huge disappointment. So instead of  the new entertainment center that I saw in my mind altogether with pictures on the shelves, Japanese dolls and nicely organized books according to the subject, we came back with this eclectic mess...

I promise, we`ll put it to the good use:)



  1. First, I'll be your female shopping companion anytime! Secondly, isn't that what Ikea is all about? Going for one purpose and coming home will a million other things you don't need because the price was too good to pass up? Have fun with your "eclectic mess"!