January 23, 2013

The deep freeze...

... as for New England standards of course. I guess it depends on where you live . For example our 16 F feels like heat wave to the Minnesota with -34F right now, but it is cold anyway...

                                                        It`s cozy inside for this little birdie:)

To shop or not shop, was my morning dilemma, but I knew I have to finally hit the stores.
In previous posts I promised to go shopping, yet was lucky to skip it. This time I had to...

I wasn`t really torturing myself, after all Trader Joe`s is my favorite grocery store and I run out off coffee, Kiki requested bacon, because we run out off it too, and if you know her, that`s one of her favorite foods, and I couldn`t agree more. Everything tastes better with bacon, even chocolate.
OK, the last one I did not try yet, but will do it before Valentine`s Day. It should go well with red wine...
Going back to my shopping, I had to use the gymbucks, and  those who used them before, know what an awesome deal is it, and there was fabric to be bought for Kiki`s Mrs. Major costume, which I really have to start sewing.

The trip was fast thanks to almost empty roads and not very busy stores.
So either everybody is having flu, or it  is too cold to get out:)

Shopping made my little man tired. He fell asleep in the car, I didn`t even try to undress him...

Later we managed to make luna bars for our "tea less tea time".


                                             Kubus mixing rice crispies with almond butter, honey and vanilla.


                                                        Then cleaning the bowl. He approved the bars...wanted more:)
The idea of making time for tea, came from an inspiring blog that I am reading,
 I am really trying to make an effort to include it in our lives.
It happens maybe two times a week, on the days without afternoon activities.


So today is Wednesday and Wednesdays work well for us. It is not perfect...girls want to run away to their "free time entertainment" after school, but I want them to slow down a little, enjoy 10 minutes ( the most ) with mama and each other, and relax while having something yummy to eat and listening to 5 minutes of classical music for kids. I call it "tea less tea time", because even though I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, they stick to different drinks. Today hot cocoa seemed very appropriate:)

So right now I am thankful for my warm house and healthy kids. The flu keeps away so far and I am hoping for healthy winter for a change . The cabin fever did not struck me either...:)

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