January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to my husband...

So the birthday day came, and I am not ready...
The hat won`t be knitted on time, the cake is still in its simple form and on top of that there is a lot of planned things, that have nothing to do with the celebration.

The girls have day off from school, due to MLK day. I was thinking about covering this subject in our "homeschooling on the days off from school", but I know that the topic is well taught in school and I can move on to more fun things like "Story of the World" by Susan Wise Bauer. By FUN I really mean it. I and girls like it. They are not jumping for joy, after all they are regular children, but when we sit down for a chapter of the book, they seem to absorb the stories like a sponge. For Zuzia I use the ancient times, for Kiki the modern times.

There is still extra math for both, a reading comprehension for Zuzia, two book reports and violin practice for Kiki . Then I have to drag , take them for 1,5 mile long walk and do some painting. The art seems to relax everyone. The individual reading is a must, I shouldn't even mention it here, and  it is actually a part of entertainment. Which if you ask, my kids have plenty of it. Now they are taking advantage of my blogging and are on the ...third episode of Avatar today. Courtesy of Netflix.

 Kubus is "reading" a train book.

As for now, I am behind on the schedule, but the laundry is on, dishwasher is making the swish sounds, and the beds are made. Who knows, maybe there is a chance for a piece of birthday cake after all. I won`t be going paleo for dessert today again...


P.S. The day has not ended yet, but the excitement is over. The cake is partly eaten, the hat became "a present in progress", and the girls sang their own version of Taylor Swift`s song "Twenty Two":)

Girls singing "...two"
Happy Birthday Andrzej, We love you!!!

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