March 10, 2014


I have already mentioned Kateri's birthday. My next step was to show off  write about her birthday party. It took me awhile...

Since it was her thirteen birthday, and the year of birthday bash, ( I try to make for each of my children every two years )  it was already in our plans few months ago.

After getting obsessed with   interested in "Phantom of the Opera", we decided to make a theme for the birthday.
This time I wasn't playing the perfect game organizer. At thirteen girls prefer to play and giggle on their own.
Nevertheless the invitations had to be sent, cake to be baked, and food to be prepared.
Kateri, as common for girls her age, does not like to wear dresses, yet for her birthday she really wanted a red one, like Christine, and she got one.
It was a rather small party. Few girls could not come due to different reasons, but those who came, stayed long and enjoyed Kateri's becoming of age.
They watched the movie, commented on it, felt bad for Phantom himself, and really despised Raul, ( I do not get those teenagers !) and laughed a lot. They enjoyed the cake, the masks and the roses.
I don't know if they became as big fans of "Phantom of the Opera" as Kateri is, but I know that they finished watching it without complaining:)
The invitation


The cake

Making a wish

The accessories

A rose from Phantom...

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