August 6, 2014

The hiking trails

The majority of the hikes in Acadia are short but rather steep. We opted out from the dangerous ones that included ladders; due to the kid on the back :)
The Dorr Mountain was only 3.2 miles long, but it was going up, and up without a break. Kateri was complaining about everything but she zoomed up like a mountain goat. Zuzia complained that she is thirsty most of the time, and Kubus, that "tata made him wet" :).
I decided to relieve Andrzej's back and take Kubus on the way down.
Big mistake!!! My poor knees were killing me, and the muscles went on strike the following day! No kidding, I am getting older!
We were planning to hike Cadillac mountain that day too, but we took a ride instead.
Two days later I decided to backpack with Kubus an easy trail around the Jordan Pond and Andrzej took girls to the Bubble  Rock. The trail was quite dangerous and difficult.
It is amazing, that trails with great difficulty and ladders, don't provoke complaining! I guess it is boredom that speaks through whinnying. Too bad that children don't see the beauty and peace in nature; but I suspect it comes with age wisdom:)



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