August 11, 2014

Becoming a citizen

Next week will be our nineteen anniversary of coming to America. Nineteen years of making other country our own; of learning the language, the accent ( without the success ); of adjusting to this mixed  culture; of meeting new people; of trying to make good friends. Nineteen years of married and family life, without parents, siblings and friends...
But as I said before, I believe, that this was God's plan for us, however difficult sometimes it might have been.
Through those nineteen years we were the legal immigrants, then official residents and then came time to decide to become a citizen. We were thinking...
Even though I love Poland and miss her very much, and go back in my thoughts and in my heart to the places that I grew up, or visited or just so very special , I knew that this is my children country and if this is their home, I need to make it truly my home too. I had to leave the "limbo" place.
In spring we applied for the naturalization. In July we passed the exams without difficulty ( honestly, really easy ) and last Thursday we made our oath.
Zuzia and Kubus witnessed the ceremony. Kiki had her violin lesson:)
As we told Zuzia later on, we share with her the citizenship date. She by birth, we by naturalization exactly nine years later.
And I must say, I feel like the "limbo" state of mine is slowly lifting off.
I am starting to feel the sense of belonging somewhere:)

P.S. Pictures from the ceremony by aspiring photograph, Zuzia :)