August 26, 2014

The camp, the rides and the sandbox

A week ago the girls started the best camp for girls that there is, Kubus discovered the Storyland and I and Andrzej felt like on vacation!
Exactly a week later it is back to school day...but about that maybe tomorrow.
While the girls enjoyed themselves,  ( I won't post the pictures, due to the lack of permission to post them from other parents ), we have decided to introduce Kubus to Storyland. Every child in New England knows that place. Girls visited it twice; for Kubus it was first time and hopefully last.
I need to admit, I don't like amusement parks. Maybe I did, when I was a teenager ( first experience in still (?) West Germany, Fantasyland; being seventeen ).
Now? I would rather prefer to hike the whole Appalachian Trail than to go to Disney World!
Nevertheless having kids means making sacrifices, and going to amusement park is one of them!
To be honest , Storyland is a wonderful place for kiddoes. No teenagers, no screams, no half naked bodies; friendly staff and kids friendly rides. The whole place is colorful and really clean. Very family oriented!
Kubus did enjoyed himself. His favorite rides were the Polar Express, Bamboo Chutes, and the new Dino-coaster.
I have mentioned however that I hoped for this entertainment to be his first and as well last visit, because when we asked him what was his favorite part, without hesitation he answered " sandbox with trucks "!
I believe that we can easily find them in our backyard without the drive to NH and chasing the rides from 9:30am until 6pm :) Good answer my little man!



Kinga :) 

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