September 1, 2014

Last week

I am a little ashamed to admit, that my kids' first day of school pictures, were not posted yet. The facebook exploded with those, but I have decided to save them for a blogpost.
Needless to say that almost one week later there are still nicely tucked in for no one to see. And mostly I am concerned about my family; which I believe is "dying" to see them.
Last week was also one of the warmest weeks of this summer, so we splashed a lot after school,
Kateri had her mini violin concert, I harvested some veggies from my small garden. The Autumn is just around the corner:) Oh, I have also tasted the first crop of apples of this season, ( apples being my favorite fruit so I had to mention it ), even though not from our orchard, because we don't have any...
On Friday I started the Whole30 program, which was initiated by Haley.
So far I am sticking to the principles and what helps me tremendously, is the support group that Haley created. I hope to see some great results 27 days from today!
As for now, few promised pics :)

One from the archives! Kiki's first day of Kindergarten, 2006 !

Kiki eight grade, less happy:(

Zuzia, fourth grade :)

Kubus, preschool with mommy :)

Homegrown sweet pumpkins. Ready for soups, cakes and muffins; and disappearing quite quickly!
Cherry tomatoes; abundance of them. No need to can :)
I asked Andrzej if he needs a picture of his first day at work after the kids' vacation, but he politely declined. I won't ask anymore.


  1. Thank you Angel for your kind words; but I don't know how I can inspire:)