September 25, 2014

Few thoughts

As I settled to the ordinary, everyday school year routine, it is so hard to make memories either by blogging or taking pictures.
Does this mean that my life is less meaningful and do I have to look for my simple daily pleasure really hard? No, not really ! However it is difficult to make it sound interesting .
I will try though, since this is how our life looks now!

The girls have settled down in school. It has been almost a month of school.

Kateri has a ton of homework.
 At least she makes such an impression. She also participate in the XC running program in school. I would lie if I said that she is enjoying both. Even though she really likes the school, the wake up call around 7am ( not really early ) makes her miserable for the first few hours! I am trying to stay away as much as possible from her in the morning, only supervising her preparation for school. She is not better after coming from school. She is tired and the bus ride makes her a little sick. Throw in the XC practice and she is done for the day.
Apparently though it is not as bad around her friends , because I hear her laughing loud while chatting with them. Go and figure the teenagers out...

 "resting after the school"

Zuzanna would be very happy to be homeschooled instead of "going" to school, unless it is pajama day at school. She complains about the homework ( not really much of it ), but I keep telling her that the older she gets, she needs learn more, not less.
She also started swimming for swim team, which means three practices a week plus occasional meets. Though on parents!!!

Kubus is happy to spend time with me. He loves when girls leave for school, since that's his time for watching a couple for truck videos. He likes the library programs and digging in the sandbox. He could listen forever to me reading "truck books"! His favorite animal is an elephant and favorite kids' song, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. We are laughing hard while listening to him singing :)
He seems to be taken recently by Taylor Swift...His favorite song? Shake it off!!!
He tries to play soccer, and let's just stay with trying for now...

no, it is not an advertisement for OSJ Lot

Andrzej, well, is coming back from his conference trip to Chicago today. He spent there just few days, but too many for me to sleep well at night. The amount of responsibilities that fell on me, really overwhelmed me at first. There is NOBODY here, besides Andrzej, that could help me in case of emergencies ( let them stay away from me, and even better, from everybody else !)
But by God's grace I made it through without falling apart and without any panic attacks!
The kiddoes got colds though, which made them a little less pleasant than usual...

Do I complain about it? No, I made a promise to myself, that I am going to be happy, however the daily, sometime gray, routine might put me down.
I have decided that breakfasts, lunches, cooking, baking, cleaning, attending homeworks, shopping trips, library programs, playgrounds, swimming practices, drop offs, pick ups etc... can be a source of joy too. It depends ONLY on me to let them be that joy!

And because today is Thursday, and everybody seems to be sharing their TBT pictures, here is mine: Kiki and Zuzia, around Halloween 2006.

Weren't they a JOY?!

Kinga :)

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