September 3, 2014

Summer, Long Weekend and First Soccer Practice

The summer weather came back to this part of the country, as soon as I decided to play fall!
I had apples, pumpkins and leaves on my mind, with school and upcoming different afterschool activities along.

But instead the kids still enjoyed the pool, ice cream and cold breeze from the central air:)
With the long Labor Day weekend over, Andrzej is a little sad that the next time off, beside the usual weekends, will be in November for Thanksgiving!!! I do not want to think about it yet...

Past Saturday and Sunday we were busy with different kind of errands, but on the holiday Monday we decided to visit the place, that we did not visit for at least last two years; Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge.
We took a short hike on the gorgeous trail along the coastline, with a multitude of birds to watch, plenty of rocks to climb on, waves to admire and sea breeze to feel!

In the evening almost whole family came to witness Kubus' first soccer practice. He was shy, but not too timid. He followed the instructions, as long as he knew what they meant, which was not often. He picked the ball up with his hands because it was just easier to move it around, and he took a break to watch the planes ( field right next to the airport ) take off. And that was quite often:) .
Well, he did not really care much if it was right or wrong and at the end of the practice was quite proud of himself. The first game is coming up this Saturday; we will be there to enjoy it all...



I enjoyed watching all the members of my family present on the field :)


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