August 12, 2014

Spider webs of Maine:)

My plan was to see a sunrise. Since we were so very close to the beach and since our host told us that the sunrise is gorgeous , all I had to do was to wake up right before 5 am. I did not happen. I tried, but just could not get my body up. I feel ashamed...
Nevertheless around 8 am ( wouldn't it be great if sunrise just once occurred at that time ?), I was up and running moving. The mornings were still beautiful even though quite foggy, which made me wonder if that sunrise that I was hoping to see, could have actually be seen?
I took camera for my walks in hopes to capture something interesting. My passion to photograph nature was satisfied!
The spider webs decorated with morning dew, were a pretty sight!
I decided to give them an extra post, ( plus few wild flowers encountered on the trails )!




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