August 6, 2015

The storm

The view of the backyard few days before the storm... ( and funny too :))
...and after the Tuesday craziness!

The fence is broken and bent in few places. Kids wanted to play in a real tree house but I was afraid that the branches might fall on them.
The sun and moon came out as if nothing happened!
I asked Andrzej to pose :)
Bunny enjoyed the shade; it was quite frightened when were rescuing it during the morning storm.

Our gazebo got completely bended. It makes the decision of getting a screened porch much easier.
Evening snack with the candles. Besides the worry about the food in the fridge I quite enjoyed this electronics free day.
It looked pretty too. Especially in the evening. Mine only complain was the noise from the generators from outside. It ruined the atmosphere.

We are safe and sound. The broken things can be repaired but the memory of this surreal event will stay. It was dangerous and yet spectacular!


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