March 5, 2015

Without the title...

After cleaning the driveway and other passages for the third time this week and X time this winter, I have decided that instead of fighting unwinnable war against the snow, I might just embrace it for once, hoping that it is the last breath of the winter.

I took the camera and worked on polishing my photography skills.

However, after venturing through the piles of heavy and deep snow I don't know if I accomplished that, but nevertheless I have captured the enormous amount of whiteness and a happy face of my cute and not so little boy !

I am posting it again for my winter deprived family and friends.


By the way, Kubus is the only member of this family who still enjoys the falling snow and gets very excited when it is time to go out and shovel again!


  1. Beautiful pictures Kinga! Being so tired of this winter it is nice to be reminded of it's beauty as well.