February 18, 2013

A walk in the woods

We have been enjoying the winter vacation since Friday. The father/daughter dance was a nice beginning to it.

On Saturday the girls and Andrzej had skied in the Yawgoo for a last time. I do not think they are going to come back there next year, I think they outgrew it. I was planning to go skiing myself that afternoon, but the new winter storm warnings kept me at home. Honestly from the weather forecast it looked like a deja vu. But as the North Englanders know right now, nothing big really happen. It was one of those storms that you could have ignored but we ended up changing our plans for Sunday anyway.

Today we were supposed to leave for New Hampshire. Unfortunately the place that we wanted to stay was all booked and at this point we decided to take daily skiing trips.

 It worked out quite well, at least for today. I had my dose of skiing in the woods, and kids enjoyed extra time with Andrzej. He is going to take a couple of days off from work. Zuzia ended up going for an unplanned visit to the dentist and I think Kubus needs to be seen by a doctor tomorrow. His cough sounds really bad . I guess everything happens for a reason. I more often convinced about that.

 My time alone did not start well...I left home with a headache, hoping that a fresh cool air will heal it. After 10 minutes not only my headache got worse, but my fingertips froze, the conditions of the trail were really bad, I kept falling into the dips made by a snowshoers and the wind picked up. At this point I was ready to quit.
Amazingly when I was approaching the car, the wind calm down, I have warmed up and my head started to clear up. I decided to stay.
 It was a good call:)


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