February 3, 2013

Picture trouble

My knowledge of blogging is in very early newborn stage.
I try to learn something new every day. For now it has become a new hobby of mine. The different templates that I had tried, the size of print, the layout and how to place gadgets, post them, erase them and post them again, I won`t even count. You might call it wasting time, I call it learning:)

But so far the biggest issue was the pictures.  I do enjoy looking at the big beautiful pictures on other blogs. Those are the blogs which capture my attention or amplify the importance of its contents. It goes from inspirational through crafting, baking, cooking and gardening, mothering etc.
So knowing that my writing is not so sophisticated and my blog posts won`t be quoted, I knew that  "My daily bread " needs to be enriched by let`s call it "not so bad picture".
And that`s where I hit the wall...

So when you want to post a picture, first it shows in its small form ( it says medium, but I think it really is small ). Here is a random example:)

But the truth is that it does not stand out. It doesn`t make a searching person interested .
So one of the easiest ways to fix it, is to click on it and choose a size. I chose XLarge below.

It looks good ( please focus on the cake, that was before my intense study in photography:) ).

It works when you post one or two pictures.
The problem starts if you want to post more of good size and good quality pictures. The blogger doesn`t cooperate.
So after spending enormous a little time looking for answers, I have learn that after converting the blog to HTML, I can change the height and width numbers. I had a bigger picture. It made me satisfied until I saw the finished product.:
The size was good, the quality, not really... ( again look at the cake - blurry )
So I was going back and forth ...making them bigger, going back to the original size, choosing one to enlarge through the blogger the rest through the HTML and so on... I almost posted a sign "please double click on the picture for better viewing experience", but I didn`t think that it would work...
So today, during The Game I went searching once more. I had promised myself, for the last time.
And Eureka "Veni, vidi, vivi "! In addition to changing the height and width numbers, there is one more number, that needed to be changed.  IT WORKED!
Here is the same blurry picture after fixing the "s" number:
It looks good again ( the cake ), doesn`t it ?
I hope that you ( whoever you are and reading it ) can see the difference:)

So for my technology savvy friends it might not be a surprise, but I am one old fashion middle age girl with an experience in mothering, plus few hobbies on the side, and learning how to post a great looking picture is accomplishment worth blog posting:) And I can sleep better now,


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