February 25, 2013

Going back to the routine on Manual Mode Monday:)

"Just don't tell me that you're getting sick"! Zuzia sounded very serious when she heard me sneezing in the kitchen. "No, Zuzia, I just sneeze without the reason", I felt as if I was caught red handed and had to make an excuse...
No, seriously I am fine, and the good news is that the kiddoes are getting better and Kateri did not catch strep throat, yet...

It is getting back to the regular routine day. As much as I love having my family at home, I know that having a routine is good too. I get up early, have more things done, girls are more organize and Kubus can count on more time with just mommy. And I am rather spoiled with the fact that my children came into this world with a big space in between them. It wasn't done on purpose:) but it works for me. I enjoy the one on one time with each of them while they are little.

Looking back at our last week, it was a well spent family time. I have to admit that I counted on more skiing time with all of the promise of snow...Unfortunately the weather people missed it big time and we ended up with a lot of rain. The dusting last night did not help, Andrzej was willing to take half a day off, so I could enjoy skiing in Pulaski today. Instead of skiing, just bootprints on the porch...

                                                                     1/1000 F3.5 ISO 400

This coming week has a promise of birthday cake in Lent. Somebody is turning twelve! More on the actual birthday day :)

There are rehearsals to attend for Kateri, a new after school activity for Zuzanna, violin class and "shadowing" tomorrow for Kateri in the new potential school, walks and story time for Jacob, some sewing plans for me, few books to read and maybe a family weekend getaway! I won't post the daily baking, cooking, cleaning, washing, the regular routine, the daily chores of simple but happy life:) I am tempted though with some dinner posts...any thoughts?

My paleo eating has been not so good lately, so no wonder I feel, well... not comfortable!
Maybe the going to back routine week is going to help my  eating habits...after eating the birthday cake of course!

As for plans for today, one is already checked.
I gave Kubus a haircut. His golden hair was way too long, so I shaved it short. I like my handsome boys with a very short hair.

                                                                     1/100 F4.8 ISO 800

                                                                 1/80 F5 ISO 800
 Well, what do you think?


P.S. Joining Sarah for Manual Mode Monday!

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  1. Great shots! It's hard to get snow to look that white- good job.

    And... I didn't know you have a Kateri! I've always wanted to name one of my girls Kateri!!!