February 21, 2013

Needle and thREAD and the cute bunnies:)

I am joining Ginny in Yarn Along today...

My knitting project is still not finished. I have started it two weeks ago, but between making the yarn ready, winter vacation, game of bridge and doctor visits I am still working on it. I am not a speedy knitter :) The good news is that I am seeing the end of it. Maybe it will be done before weekend is over.

As for reading, let's say that for the same reasons mentioned above,( besides the yarn one ), I am continuing the "Thomas Aquinas " by Father Barron. One can't rush the deep spiritual reading, right?

In the meantime I have added a variety of other books that I am reading with or to someone:)
So from "Thomas Aquinas" I go to "Jacques Cousteau", "Changes for Felicity", and "Joseph and Chico", through "Sleepy ABC" and finishing with "Trucks". The last two selections are being read at least three times a days. Favorites of my little boy:)

Some serious reading, don't you agree?:)

Andrzej went to work today. Enough of vacation for him. The rest of us took it easy, which meant a little too much of computer time, a little too little time outdoors. We ended up visiting few libraries though.
The promise of seeing bunnies was just too hard to pass:)

Don't my children look seriously deprived of pets?:)



  1. oh, gosh---those last shots are adorable!! they NEED a bunny!!!