February 9, 2013

Diary of Stranded by Nemo

I have no doubts that the latest blizzard is going to be a major subject of most of Northeaster bloggers.
After all, it was the biggest blizzard since 1978, right? At least that`s what they say...
I couldn`t leave that major event of the year intact, so here is my account...

February 8, 2013 - the day started very blissfully. Few snowflakes here, a couple there. Sleeping in, coffee in the morning with Andrzej, family breakfast. Andrzej worked from home...
After a while there was enough snow to go outside and play. Girls build the snowman,

                                            little brother took a ride on the slide,

                                          and enjoyed watching the snowplowing truck.

Hot cocoa and cookies warmed everybody up afterwards. I dusted off my skis and went for a run in the neighbourhood. I couldn`t wait for tomorrow.

The moods dampened a little with a snow getting denser and heavier and wind picking up. The branches collapsed under heavy snow and the wind was literally shaking the house. The lights were flickering and annoying smoke alarm was going on and off. I have decided to take a couple of pictures of that deceitful wonderland.

At 9:55pm lights went out this time for good. Well, we thought, at least we are going to have heating on, after switching it to gas only. As long as we are warm, we`ll be fine...

Saturday, February 9. We woke up to a quiet, absolutely stunning , white world outside...

... and unpleasant cold inside.

The temperature was 54 F, the switching did not work. I can`t say that it has brighten my mood. It was not going to get any warmer. As for now we are double sweater-ed, pant-ed and sock-ed. Some of us wear hats...

I am thinking about putting gloves and winter boots on.

The girls did not complain yet, only some minor disagreement over Pokemon cards. There is a lot of reading and looking through microscope at this point. Not bad...Kubus is in good mood and thanks to out adventurous life before kids, we have a propane camping stove to heat milk and tea up for breakfast. The one in the kitchen is electric one.

For dinner Andrzej is planning to roast sausages on the grill, after he digs it out first.

We are making sleeping arrangements for tonight, but we still have hopes of falling asleep in warm beds. I think I am going to pick up some knitting for now...

2:45pm  - Oh, the things that we take for granted...The house is getting colder and colder. The sun just seems to be playing with us. The temperature at night might be in single digits!

Kids are still happy. The laptop and DS batteries still have power, Kubus is playing with trucks. We did not send them outside today, because there is no way of drying and warming them up afterwards!!!

Andrzej is braving the driveway not to mention the promised roasted sausages. I have to admit, I had my doubts.

I am about to finish a hat ( for a doll) and maybe we`ll make some maple syrup taffy.

5:10pm - the heating did not kick yet...

We are camping in the warmest room of the house, 56F, having grilled sausages plus grilled buttered bread, not bad if you ask me...We are planning for the night, for tomorrow...

5:11pm - YAY!!! electricity back on!!! I screamed so loud, poor Kubus got frightened:(
Zuzia was a little disappointed. The girls were going to camp in our room for the night. So we decided to pretend that we are still stranded, but keep the heat on!

I do hope that all of my friends are safe, warm and fed:)
Tomorrow brings a lot of white fun promises! But for now, I wish a warm night to everybody,


P.S. Apologies for a long post. I just want to remember it when the heat is upon us and I start complaining:)

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