February 24, 2013

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                                                          Joining  Like Mother, Like Daughter!


Last night my girls and I went out for a mother-daughters date. Their friend Mollie was preforming in "Singing in the Rain".  We joined her afterwards to congratulate her on her good work.
(The flowers are not from us, unfortunately. Kiki insisted, but we did not have time to get them. Sorry Mollie!!!)


                             Waiting for the show to start. Pretty happy to be there!


                              With a time to spare, who doesn't want to joke around:)
                           The other funny thing was, that it WAS raining outside for the "Singing in the Rain":)


                  Zuzanna is studying the cast. One has to know all the actors, right?
                 Oh, and I REALly have to work on taking good indoors pictures!


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