February 6, 2013

Needle and thREAD and afternoon with "Little Flowers"

Joining Ginny today for yarn along.

I am not doing a lot of knitting today, just kind of getting ready to knit.
In May Zuzia is going to receive her First Communion. She has a dress, a beautiful one that she loves. She inherited it from her older sister:) In May the weather in Rhode Island is quite unpredictable. It can be warm it can be cold. For the warm one I am all set, for the cold one, not really...

So my plan is to knit a cardigan which pattern I have found on Ravelry page. Ok, it is capelet...
For yarn I have decided to recycle an old cardigan, since wasting is not my thing ( it must be the Polish genes:))
The cardigan is too small right now for anybody to wear.  I knitted it when my firstborn was four year old, now she is hitting twelve. The yarn did not yellowed yet,  I think I have enough and it should work.
So far I am stuck with unraveling it, steaming and washing. This process is not very satisfying, boring, the thread is wavy and needles are waiting. But I am committed to make it work. I`ll keep you posted...

As for reading, I have requested a photography book from a library. The Digital Photography by Scott Kelby.
It was recommended as a good book for the aspired photographers. I went through the pages like a hungry wolf, but to my disappointment, it is clearly for professionals. The suggested equipment in the lower price bracket was still pretty high and since I am not going to buy it ( I do not think about going pro:)), I guess that book won`t stay long on my bedside table.
Any advice for a beginner but anxious photographer?
The lovely group of Little Flowers ( girls ) was meeting today at our home. Six of them.They were happy and excited. The promise of beautiful flower shaped badges kept them eager to learn, create and have fun!
Ready for crafting 

Little brother checking if paints are working 

 Listening to the story
 Still listening :)
 A Proud Little Flower
 And  another one:)


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  1. how darling the little flowers are! i love that you are repurposing that sweater too, i think thats wonderful and the capelet is really cute!
    if you have the manual your camera comes with, i would recommend becoming very familiar with that. (if you don't you can probably find a version of it online, you may have to pay a small fee, but i think it's worth it.) and if you can, take a class! i hope that helps!