February 19, 2013

GOP and the doctor visit

Great Outdoor Pursuit activity, that is.:)
We have started participating in GOP programs a couple of years ago. It gives a great opportunity to check out the RI nature and historical trails. It usually runs in summer, and the purpose of it is to make the whole families involved in outdoor activities without necessarily leaving RI. The locations are very interesting and offer a chance of swimming, fishing, kayaking, tasting new foods, participating in scavenger hunts, and so on. And it is FREE!!! Sounds good, doesn't it?

Well, last week we have gotten and email that during the winter vacation there are two hikes organized by GOP. Today was the first one...

We had hiked in John H. Chafee Preserve in North Kingstown. 
Half of the hike took us through the woods, half of it on the shell-y beach. All together 2 1/2 miles.

The main purpose of the hike was to watch the seals. To see them, one had to have a very good
binoculars. We still have to make that investment. The girls borrowed one from somebody, and claimed, that they have seen the seals.

But even without seeing the seals and with all the mud that we had gathered into the car and our home, it was a very well spent morning.


Unfortunately from there the plans went downhill.
At the visit at the doctor, we have found out that Zuzia has a strep throat and minor congestion in her lungs. Kubus on the other hand has double ear infection, and bronchitis. They are both contagious for few days.

So instead to go out for planned, clam cakes/dough boys/fried calamari, treat at Iggy's, Andrzej went to get them, along with a unplanned and doubtful dessert of few antibiotics for a next 10 days for the two youngest members of our family:(


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