February 16, 2013

The Dance

I have posted the reasons why Kateri and Andrzej shouldn't go to father/daughter dance. I have lied...they went...

As I tried to explain to the "head counter" lady why I would like to withdraw the check, she has convinced me to give it a second thought. The menu was changed, and Father "X" gave a blessing stating that it is not a ideal situation, but there is not much choice, no other date was available. After talking to Andrzej, we have decided to go on with the dance party in the Lent season.

So after the school on Friday, the preparations had started. If you know Kateri, it shouldn't surprise you that getting dressed up it is not her thing. If you don't know her, just imaging that the mother had to be a driving force in preparations.

And then I ate a banana... I had few bites while Kubus was eating it. I knew I shouldn't have it...so with the pain all over my body I had finished doing her hair and make up and waited for Andrzej to come from work.

They were late for a dance. Andrzej did not want to leave until I felt a little better. Seriously, banana allergy?! Anyway...I snapped a couple of pictures before they left.

They say that the party was a blast. Apparently Kateri did not take seriously my advice to go easy in the Lent. I have a picture to prove that:)



  1. Those pictures are priceless. Kateri looking beautiful as always!

    1. Thank you Stefanie! You should have heard her screaming when she saw that picture:)
      And not from joy, but she is fine now:):):)