February 20, 2013

Pulaski Park

Today we enjoyed another Great Outdoor Pursuit activity. It took place in Pulaski Park that is located on the line with Connecticut state. The park is named after a Polish nobleman and a soldier, Kazimierz (Casimir ) Pulaski.

Pulaski was one of the commanders of Bar Confederation against Russian domination of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in XVIII century. After the defeat he emigrated to  North America and was fighting alongside George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He became a general in Continental army and reformed the American cavalry.

Pulaski is one of the most honored persons in American history, in terms of places and events named in his honor. And Pulaski park in RI is one of them...

Well that's enough of the history part.:)

We had traveled a whole 35 minutes to get there:) This how big is Rhode Island . When I remember our Texan times, the 35 minutes wouldn't even get us out of Austin limits:)

I took my skis with me with a lot of hope for "me time" again. I skied in Pulaski a couple of years ago and remember it as a and beautiful place with interesting wooded trails. Unfortunately the snow today was very, very icy! It was really hard to enjoy a good run, so after playing a little with a camera...


     ...and falling onto the hard snow, I have decided to go back to my family.

     They on the other hand had been enjoying sliding walking on the ice and...

...visiting a beaver's dam.

     They also participated in ice fishing and did not care about falling into occasional fishing holes:)

      I must say that the happiest person was Zuzanna. Her dream of ice fishing had finally come true:)



  1. I remember my kids having Pulaski Day observances in Illinois schools - maybe with the day off? Wisconsin also celebrates the day. It was March 6 this year. And Buffalo, NY?

    1. I am not aware of this observance yet. On the other hand RI is Italian state:)
      I am glad that this beautiful park is named after a Polish officer.