February 13, 2013

Needle and thREAD on Ash Wednesday

It looks like it is this time of a week again. Joining Ginny for yarn along. I have to say it does make me more organized:)
Will anybody agree with that?

I have finished the unpleasant part of my project. The unraveling, washing, steaming, drying and rolling. I must say even though it proceeds slowly due to the very fine thread and size 3 needles, it is coming out nicely...

I gave a chance the "Photography Book" one more time. I have found few tips there. I am keeping it on my bedside table along with "Thomas Aquinas" by father Robert Barron. Spiritual reading, appropriate for the season...

The Lent season started well, with Mass for everybody and ashes on the foreheads.
Zuzia made it to the early Mass with daddy. She did not have to, she wanted to.
I am proud of her today.
I have forgotten about the grayish cross on my forehead as I went to run few errands. Only curious looks of strangers reminded me of this sign...

In the country of my childhood, the very Catholic country, nobody wandered about with ashes on their foreheads. I remember wiping it off as soon as I left the church. Most of the time the ashes ended up on the hair anyway. Unless your hair was very blond nobody saw it. It seemed that the ashes belonged in church, the outside world wasn`t supposed to see you faith.

When I first came to States and experienced the first Ash Wednesday, I was very much surprised at how many "dirty foreheads" were leaving the church. I have found it unexpected.

Yet still for years I kept wiping the sign off.  I did not want to share it, or maybe I was too ashamed. But with age come children and wisdom. And I learnt, that unless I show them not to be afraid, they will be like me. Wiping the ashes off. I changed that some time ago and today I have a chance to share it. It is good to start the Lent with the unattractiveness of dirty looking face. I want to remember, that I am dust and into dust I will return one day...

I do not have right picture to share on this occasion, but I couldn`t help to photograph few daffodils. They make the season promising:)

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