October 25, 2014

The shadow show



The room was dark. In the middle stood a shadow box. Behind it an older, elegant woman was speaking in a soft voice. She held a little puppets and the light was making the shadows on the white canvas of the box.

I came to the library for a "Not so spooky stories" with Zuzia nad Kubus. We looked around.
Only one boy sitting in front of the box. I looked at the librarian with disbelief, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled sadly.
I gently pushed my children to sit in the middle of the room. They obliged. Right behind us another child joined in. Two parents sat in chairs. I did too.

The woman stopped her show. She said that it won't happened today, due to the small attendance. I guess she did not want to waste her time.

The children made very sad faces, few parents looked at each other and the librarian asked if the show could go on after all.
The woman agreed.

Not only she was a wonderful story teller, but her shadow puppets was wonderfully made and the children were very much caught up in the story. They actively participated in the show.
When the show ended, the woman allowed them to check her stage, play with the puppets and make up their own show. How I wished I had my camera right then! I don't know who had more fun, I or them!

It was only obvious right there, that this Saturday evening we are going to have a shadow show at home. This first time there was a lot of improvisation, ( we still have to make a proper shadow box ), a few adjustments and a lot of laughter.
I am just so glad that the show in the library went on!


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