October 11, 2014

Rainy Saturday

Trying to catch the rain :)
 Zuzia's announcement :)

Starting the marathon ( before my weekly ritual of cleaning )

 Checking out a new game

Not much to write in the family journal.
Uneventful day, and I am grateful for that.
The much needed rain let us sleep in the morning; Kubus soccer game was canceled.
The girls decided to spend day playing electronics. I would do better that that...
But on the other hand once in awhile won't hurt!
Zuzia announced Wii marathon. Fortunately it did not last the whole day :)

Highlight of the day?
The soccer game between Poland and Germany ( the World Champions ).
Polish team won 2:0 !!! It calls for a miracle, because so far in the history of Polish soccer, the Polish team had yet to tie with German team. About the win, I do not think a lot of people were dreaming!
Let's just say it made my soccer loving hubby very happy.

I hope for tomorrow get a bunch of good pictures. We are going for one day trip to NH.
The Fall festivals are happening this long weekend !


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