October 3, 2014

Being a mother

It was exactly 8 o'clock in the morning. The chapel was full, due to its small accommodations. There were mostly older people waiting for the Mass to start.
I, being with in my early forties, with my two children were the younger ones.
It is first Friday of the month. In my effort to raise my children close to God, enrich their spiritual life and bring up as good Catholics, I bring them to the Mass on the first Friday of the month. I try...

Last few days I did not feel good. My anxiety was acting up and the tension headaches felt like having my temples and the back of my head being squeezed by a vise.
All I wanted was to crawl into my bed and not leave it for days.

Yet everyday I get up. I send my girls to school with full bellies and clean clothes on their backs. Their backpacks contain their lunches. The school work is attended to and the warm homemade dinner is on the table in the evening. The after school activities are being taken care of by me and Andrzej. Meanwhile my little preschooler enjoys the story time I take him to and loves listening to me reading truck theme books.
Being a mother...
It was not my plan to write about myself today. Yet something had happened today that made me rethink the theme for today.
Last night while trying to fall asleep I was praying to God, "please let me feel good, I really want to start this Friday with a Mass, I want take my children there".

The morning wasn't easy. I barely made myself going as I was sending Kiki and Andrzej for the day.
Kubus had no trouble getting up, but Zuzia was complaining of being cold. The Autumn is here:)
We made it just in time.

It is so good to feed the soul before you feed the body for the day. And this enough should make my day easy. But as I was leaving, I felt a gentle tug on my sleeve. I turned to face an older man.

"You are an excellent mother", he said. My heart melted...


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