October 30, 2014

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As I drive everyday through the streets of my city this Autumn, I am in constant awe at the beauty of the nature.
The trees are in their final glory, yet that glory is still breathtaking and blazing with colors. The sun that accompanies them in the recent days, just enhances their beauty. I truly enjoy it everyday.

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter.

 { pretty }

In the neighborhood
 Parking lot of Wal-Mart of all places :) 
{ happy }

Isn't it awesome to have construction right at our doorsteps? The fire hydrant had to be replaced. It couldn't make Kubus more happy!
 { funny }

 It is this time of a year again; library Halloween party.
"Cracking up" for TT with Cari :)
{ real }
I have no pictures for real. I have hurt emotions. I have seen an old  ex-friend today. We were friends for five years. Our daughters were great friends. And then something happened. I won't say what, but it changed our relationship. I do not like to blame others, but at this case I know I wasn't at fault. I called. I send Christmas cards. My daughter asked what had happened. It was hard to give her answers.
I have not seen my friend for over three years. Today she saw me first, but before I could say hello, she turned her head away from me. It hurts...

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