October 2, 2014

My dream of perfect spiritual tea time

Few years ago I borrowed an idea from very wise and experienced Catholic mothers.
They showed me a beautiful example of living the rich Catholic liturgy at home.
I grew up with feasts and religious services and rich tradition. It shaped me up as a religious person.  I wanted to implant the seed of spiritual longing in my children.
I grew up in Poland, during time when EVERYBODY went to church, and when we carried our faith right on the sleeve...
Here, not so much. For a long time I could not find it. I still struggle and complain about Catholicism in America, most recently in Rhode Island.

But I am walking away from my family oriented post, so let me come back.

Some wonderful Catholic ladies  ( unknowingly ) have introduced me to, let me call it, "Tea time with Saints".
I work on making my children familiar with a particular saint of the day or any other feast that falls on that day.
In my perfect world and my dreams it is supposed to look like this...

Kiki, my thirteen year old, helps me with reading the biography and other interesting facts from the saint's life. Zuzia, my nine year old, helps me prepare the well coordinated meal. Kubus, my almost four year old, puts the plates and spoons on the table. Then we wait for daddy to come home, listen to the Gregorian Chant and enjoy the tea.

So that' my perfect world. And let's me just say that it NEVER happened.
In reality it looks a lot like yesterday...

It was a feast od St. Therese of Lisieux .
I picked Kiki up from her bus stop. The plan of making cupcakes with roses on top, evaporated quite fast. Fortunantly with many apples in the house I managed to make apple crisp.
After Zuzia came home I tried to gather my kiddoes around the table. I barely finished reading story for St. Therese life, when Kiki left for her room and Zuzia asked for seconds. Kubus ignored the whole ordeal, and played with his garbage trucks.
Instead of tea we had milk, daddy was still at work and we did not listen to the Gregorian Chant...

But I know that the experience and effort is not forgotten. The names of the saints "ring a bell", and once in a while when we take longer break in between for whatever reasons, Zuzia ask me "How about the tea time, mom"?

Playing with focus and the apple crisp :)


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