October 5, 2014

Life chain

I asked Zuzia a question this afternoon, what should I write about in today post. She answered without hesitation "write about the life chain".

To tell you the truth, I again stepped out of my comfort zone. And this time a lot.
 As I looked at the schedule on my parish bulletin a couple of weeks ago, I've noticed the info about national life chain, that was supposed to take place on October 5th. I started thinking about it.
Honestly, this was not something that I am used to doing. I prefer to stay hidden behind the curtains, but "practice what you preach" has become my motto and I became convinced that being at the pro-life event was place to be on Sunday afternoon.

When we arrived for a moment I doubted the decision. The group was not holding hands ( as I visualized the chain ) but standing along a sidewalk with a pro-life signs.
I was wondering if my girls are going to do it, or just say they want to go back home. To my surprise they picked their signs and went on. They did not stay hidden behind my back or ask to leave as soon as possible. I must say they even looked proud to be able to participate in the event.
With time I relaxed myself; said few prayers and meditated as the back of the sign suggested. Even sang few songs to myself.

The drive back home was surprisingly peaceful and pleasant.

And then I asked Zuzia a question. I had no doubts what the answer is going to be.


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