October 4, 2014

The chestnuts

I would prefer to write this post in Polish.
Mostly because I like the name kasztany instead of chestnuts, and because there is a pretty, although very sad song under the same name.
They remind me of few happy memories from my childhood.

Here, in States , the chestnuts don't seem to be very popular. Not to mention the fact that I have not encounter them in Texas. In Poland they were part of every fall art class.

The teachers asked us to bring chestnuts and matches to make different kind of figurines and sculptures. We also brought with us acorns and caps that go with them. The art class was a lot of fun.

My fondest memories are tied with my father. Everyday when he was coming back from work, he passed through park. People were walking to and from work back then.
In the Fall my father gathered the chestnuts from under the trees and brought them home. He was always calling us upon coming back, to show us how pretty the chestnuts were. And yes they were!
 They were smooth, round or oval, or even on the square side sometimes. It was like unwrapping a candy when one had to remove the nut from its prickly shell. The more joy was to find double or triple in one, and the smallest ones were the cutest. Really!

When my girls were in the preschool/early school age, we did the same. We gathered chestnuts, enjoyed their smoothness and colors and then came up with different sculptures.

Kubus on the other hand is not really interested in making any figurines. But he is really happy when he could use them in his construction side.

Such simple fall treasures, such rich memories...


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