October 7, 2014

The gardening

Kubus taking break from farming; trucks are his calming therapy. And no, he actually does not need one!

I call it a stress relieve therapy.
And I almost did not do it. Not because I did not want to, but because I just did not feel like it.
With this horrible thing called anxiety/stress/creeping up depression that tries to overtake my life, I felt like staying indoors and maybe read a book. Or play candy crash. Or watch something.
But I am glad I didn't.

My garden wasn't very fruitful this year. I usually start big and then when the weeds take over, I am discouraged.
There were few pumpkins, tiny watermelons, zucchini, tomatoes and blackberries.
The tomatoes is what's left, but the plants are wilting away too.
But I'll let them be. Until the first frost.

Even with this little harvest, there was work to be done. The soil needed to be cleaned off the weeds and dug up and turn over.

I had to force myself to pick the shovel up and put it in the ground.
But once I did it, my energy level spurted up, the fogginess seemed to clear out and the headache disappear. It helped to have a very willing little farmer offer his services and picking up the weeds.
We cleared one part of the garden in no time.

The weeds ended up in the yard waste. The soil is ready to rest, and a small forgotten watermelon was found.
Most importantly I rested while doing this rewarding work
I have to remember this next time when the anxiety starts disrupting my life again.
But then again, there is winter...


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