October 15, 2014

Catching up

My plan of writing a little everyday in October, went down the drain. It is hard to catch up now, or rather it is impossible.

We did not go to NH. Kubus woke up with a terrible cold, and he is still fighting it. Every mother knows the dreadful sound of the cough during the day and at night, stuffy nose, lack of appetite and another bout of sleep depravation...

Instead of going to NH, we opted for a short drive to Watchusett ski area. Just in time for a ski swap ( new ski boots for Kiki ) and a very short hike to the balanced rock.

Having a hard time of being in balance on the Balanced Rock :)


Columbus day did not surprise us much. Andrzej had to go to work, the rest of the family spend time watching trees being cut down, playing in the mud, going to the swim practice or visiting a friend.

She is trying to oppose me taking a picture of her muddy self ! Yet she always loved to play in the mud. I have other pictures to prove that :)

The two past days we are enjoying a very warm weather. Just the kind you want to linger forever.
But right after saying that I noticed clouds rolling in. It looks like rain; yet we are enjoying wide open windows and shorts with t-shirts until this weather lasts:)

I am quite behind on my Yarn Along linking. For the past few weeks I am trying to pick up the knitting and finish Zuzia's pullover. I am brave to say that by next week I should be close to being done, and maybe I'll have one girl to model for it me.
She is usually very happy to do that; because she is a happy child :)

As for reading, since it comes together with knitting, though not at the same time at least in my case, I am reading another non-fiction. This time it is  "The Romanov Sisters" by Helen Rappaport . I have hard time to enjoy fiction story. It really has to be good. Like "Lord of the Rings", or "The Shadow of the Wind" kind of books.
The non-fiction are so real and raw and very often heartbreaking; the way life it is, unwritten until it passes us by...


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