June 28, 2013

From the garden + black and white

I can see progress in my growing plants. The combination of sun, warm and rain makes them thrive. Too bad I started so late this year:(

I still regret getting sick and not having energy to plant my garden properly.
I find such a joy and peace in taking care of my garden. The weeding doesn't feel hard and I love to put my bare hands into the soil and step with my naked feet into the ground. Refreshing and calming.
What a therapy! One of those days or years I will make it work better.

One of my twelve tomato plants.
Blooming cucumbers.
Red pepper.
Part of my potato forest.
My beets and carrots before weeding:)
 Black and white, joining the theme with Cari.
He grows in my garden too:)
 One more. I don't think that flowers should be shown in black and white, but I run out of ideas.
Thank you for touring with me my garden. Next time I hope to show few fruits of mine, and nature's work!

1 comment:

  1. We've had so much rain this year that my garden has flooded out. Last year it was ravaged by chipmunks. The year before was a bumper crop of peppers, but not a single tomato. I am a woman of many talents, but I'm beginning to suspect that gardening is not one of them.

    Yours, however, is lovely.